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I turned my iPad into a sketchbook – Here’s how:

No need to spend precious time here selling you on why you would want or need your iPad to convert […]

Heavy Metal

Inspired by Machine Head’s “Unto the Locust” album. A quick heavy metal infused illustration. Also the first true “digital illustration” I’ve done. No pre-sketch here.

127 Hours of Introspection

Inspired by Director Danny Boyle’s latest film “127 Hours” this painting was a labor of love created in the days […]

Bird Fart – A Bird’s Tale

A Bird’s Tale – “The elders spoke of a time when the evils of man may steal the voice of the bird only to share their melody amongst one another until the skies turned black and the rivers red.”

Mondo Rondo and the Boston Celtics

With the series with Orlando hopefully closing out tonight, it needs to be mentioned who has been the MVP of […]

Into the Vortex – 31st – A Graphic Novel

Six months ago I was inspired by a group of horror movies to sit down and pen my own story.  […]

The Capitol Hills: Obama’s Drama Club

Like many of you I found myself caught up in the soap opera we called an election last November.  An […]

Banner 17: Remembering “The Duel”

In June of 2008 the Boston Celtics raised Banner 17.  Common knowledge to most, I know.  But for me it […]